Donation for V.I.P on [SWE] DUST2 ONLY [GameMe] - SURFBURKEN.se


( 2 USD/Month )

If you donate more, it results in more days automatically as VIP

The allowing formats:


Benefits of being V.I.P on [SWE] DUST2 ONLY [GameMe] - SURFBURKEN.se

• A reserved slot on our game servers. There are four reserved slots on each game server.
◦ This will be extended if needed, this also applies to all new servers we release.
• Donator/V.I.P chat tag in-game.
• Choose between 11 different chat colors. (!colors)
• Mute players via comms In SourceBans. This is done in game. *
• Immune against AFK kick.
• Immune against high ping kick.

* Those features are accessibly through the command !admin in-game